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UAV News - 25 November 2016

UAV or UFO? - If you've been following the news at all then I'm sure you have heard about the Porter Airlines near miss with a drone near Toronto over Lake Ontario. There was plenty of press about it, and there was many people using the opportunity to increase the amount of fear about drone safety. Unfortunately for the fear-mongers, the Transportation Safety Board has concluded that it wasn't likely a drone that the pilots took evasive action to avoid. It was too high and far out of the water to be most commercial drones, and their description didn't match any known UAV. Sorry guys, better luck next time:

Eye In The Sky - Ireland seems to be doing quite well when it comes to integrating UAV capabilities. Search-and-Rescue workers in nine counties have received training on how to use drones to speed up area searches:

Heron Going Strong - The Israeli Aerospace Industries Heron UAV was used under contract by the RCAF in Afghanistan. Unfortunately for the CAF, the contract has since lapsed and nothing has been done to replace the capability it offered. But fear not, the Heron continues to prove itself on the world stage. IAI has just signed a deal for 10 Heron UAVs with India:

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Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more?

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