Market Saturation

It feels hard for legal UAV operators to find work. Between few clients with budgets to spare and illegal operators undercutting your prices, it may feel like the market is close to saturation.

But how can that be? The commercial drone industry in Canada is still in its infancy.

Commercial Drones are where photography was a decade ago. All of a sudden everyone had digital cameras and called themselves photographers. Professional photographers cried foul about the price undercutting done by hobbyists.

But the industry survived.

Photographers who wanted to stay in business had to adapt to the changing market, and not necessarily by lowering their prices. As photography became more commonplace the demand for it increased too. Today people hire a photographer for everyday life events as well as major ones.

There are still the hobbyists who shoot for next to nothing, but there are also professionals charging a professional and sustainable rate. The industry is thriving!

It may feel crowded now but we haven’t experienced the rapid growth in demand that will happen as drones become more commonplace.

The best you can do as a legal operator is to continue educating clients about the need for safe and legal flights. And keep creating new opportunities for yourself and others.

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Photo: Flickr/Zorah OIivia

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Would you like to know more?

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