UAV News - 17 October 2016

Sunset Drone

This week has some exciting advances in UAV news - everything from the first drone delivery service to drones crashing into airplanes on purpose.

Take a look:

First Drone Deliveries - The Rwandan government has implemented a partnership to allow a drone company to deliver blood via drone paradrop instead of by truck. The new plan cuts delivery time from 4 hours by road to 15 minutes by air.

Winnipeg Fire Services - The Winnipeg Fire Services has put in a request to launch a $32 000 UAV pilot program. While I agree that a bird's eye view of a site will aid inspections and assessments, I have my doubts about the Search & Rescue (SAR) utility. SAR as a role for drones is pretty set in the mind of the public but the reality, is a drone camera is better suited for point reconnaissance rather than area search.

Mid-Air Collisions - One of the biggest concerns for pilots when talking about UAVs is the potential for mid-air collisions. The Department of Transport in the UK has decided to test what would happen in just such an event, so soon we'll have real answers and not just 'what-ifs'.

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Photo: Flickr/Alfred Grupstra

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Would you like to know more?

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